Saturday, June 30, 2012

Martian Winemaker Dinner

This will be the first winemaker dinner Franklin & Company has arranged and there is no better winemaker to kick it off then Michael Roth, formerly of Demetria Wines and now with Martian Wines out of Los Alamos, California.  The Martian wines, a Grenache Noir, Grenache Rose and an Albarino have been on the tasting list for the past month and have been very well recicved. The winemaker dinner will be open first to the Oaks Gourmet Raisin Hell Wine Club and then to the general public. Michael's passion for proletarian winemaking and dedication to biodynamic farming makes him a wealth of information and interesting to hear speak. The meal will be four wines paired with a four course meal for $65 per person with introductions by Michael Roth and Chef Jared Combs of Franklin & Company Tavern on Monday, July 23rd at 7PM.  The menu for the evening is in the works and will be posted online shortly. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The neighboring business and good friends to the east of Franklin & Company Tavern is the long standing Counterpoint Books & Records. A emporium of all things used in vinyl, cassette, VHS, DVD, books, etc...The guys that work their know their shit and have impeccable taste and now Franklin & Tavern is finally ready to host their first DJ this Friday night, June 29th and it seemed fitting to kick start with one of the guys from Counterpoint that also d.j. So come watch Tim Wilson from the block spin all things folky, eclectic, soulful, and rockin'!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Angel City Beer at Franklin Tavern!

Angel City Brewing Company of Los Angeles, California, for many years LA’s leading “hometown brew”, is now part of Alchemy & Science.
“In addition to brewing the beers that have made Angel City so well respected, the brewery will be a great testing place for new beer styles that we develop,” says Alan Newman. “There will always be something new and delicious on tap at Angel City.” Alan Newman, who founded Magic Hat Brewing Company in 1994 and left that brewery in 2010, launched Alchemy & Science, a craft beer collaboration, led by Alan Newman and Stacey Steinmetz and funded by The Boston Beer Company.

 Its mission is to increase awareness of craft brewed beers by exploring and managing a broad range of opportunities, from creating and/or incubating new breweries to providing legacy solutions to craft beer/brewery founders. 
The first of their kegs have hit the market and Franklin & Company is currently on the short list pouring the Angel City Test Batch "B" a witbier brewed with spices. It's crisp, delicious, and going fast. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Hour! at Franklin & Company Tavern

The idea of drinking before dinner is another great tradition owed ironically to Prohibition. It was common to attend a cocktail hour at a speakeasy before dining out at a restaurant that could not serve alcohol. However, the term "Happy Hour" is owed to the US Navy, not ironically, as a slang term for the scheduled entertainment period aboard a ship. It is now a commonplace marketing promotion in every bar in the world lasting most cases longer than hour. Franklin & Company are not exempt from this marketing tradition.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tap Took Over!

This past weekend was the Franklin Street Fair right outside Franklin & Company Tavern. If you stopped by you would have had the pleasure of meeting Laurie Porter from Smog City and Steve Raub from Eagle Rock during Franklin Tavern's first Tap Takeover! The Ginger Saison from Eagle Rock and the Hoptonic from Smog City were incredible tasting and by far the most popular of the brews. Laurie sent Franklin Tavern the below photos she snapped off during the event. Thanks Laurie and Steve for making the trip and we look forward to more events in the near future! Up next Franklin has Craftsman Brewing out for a brewmaster dinner in August!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Monk's Blood!

Sometimes those in charge of the beer list at Franklin & Company Tavern search hard and wide to find great, small production craft beers otherwise not found in Los Angeles.  Franklin Tavern has been excited to be the only bar to offer 21st Amendment beers out of San Francisco in the Southland. They introduced the patrons of Franklin Village to the Brew Free or Die IPA and the Bitter American Session Ale and now through some clever connections they've got Monk's Blood! One of 21st Amendment's most sought after beers and according to the officials at the brewery may be the last time we see it for a long time. If you want to try it before it disappears indefinitely read a little from their official press release below and come on in to Franklin Tavern! 

After nearly a year in seclusion, 21st Amendment Brewery‘s acclaimed beer Monk’s Blood is now available for a limited time. Monk’s Blood’s most ardent worshippers may want to drink one now and cellar one for later, as whispers around the monastery have indicated that the beer will go into extended seclusion after 2012. Brother Shaun (Brewmaster and co-founder Shaun O’Sullivan) said, “We have so many things happening in the brewery right now, it’s time to let Monk’s Blood take a break so we can play a little more with some other really special brews.”Monk’s Blood is an 8.3% alcohol, dark Belgian-style ale brewed with eight malts, Belgian candi sugar, cinnamon, vanilla bean, dried local black mission figs and aged on oak for a flavor unlike anything you’ve ever had from a can.It is part of 21st Amendment’s Insurrection Series, a limited edition, once-in-a-while, four-pack release of a very special beer that rises up in revolt against common notions of what canned beer can be. How special? Monk’s Blood was voted the best local microbrew in 2011 by the SF Weekly, and top 25 Beers of 2010 by Draft magazine.Brothers Nicolas (co-founder Nico Freccia) and Shaun developed the beer as a homage to the monks of Belgium’s monasteries who have been brewing some of the world’s great beer for centuries. “During times of fasting, the monks subsist solely on beer, which they refer to as ‘liquid bread’,” notes Brother Nicolas. “Beer, quite literally, is in their blood.” Freccia and O’Sullivan traveled to Belgium to develop the recipe for this special beer, visiting small, traditional breweries in the hop fields of west Flanders, not far from the famous Trappist abbey of Westvleteren.