Thursday, April 26, 2012

¡Derby De Mayo!

So Saturday, May 5th we got Cinco de Mayo which, although its roots are about Mexican victory from France's occupation during the later 1840's, is celebrated with intense drinking and eating of Mexican imports more north of the border than in most parts of Mexico. It is normally confused with Mexico's Independence day which actually lands on September 16. And then every so often, if you are lucky, then two of the most important drinking days of the year land on the same weekend dayThat Saturday is also the Run for the Roses  or "The most exciting two minutes in Sports" or better known as The Kentucky Derby which is held the first Saturday in May. This one also has a commerical interest. Bourbon based drinks like mint juleps served in silver cups (120,000 sold at last years derby) and traditional "roadkill soup" known as Burgoo (actually a delicious hearty spicy meat stew).  These two events are some of the most popular excuses for Americans to eat, drink, be merry and take part once a year in cultures rich with tradition unlike their own. ¡Come on down to Franklin & Company Tavern and see how we celebrate both in style!

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